Le Pen to push for Frexit if EU refuses to return key powers

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen pledged Friday if elected president she would campaign for France to leave the EU if Brussels fails to surrender control over national borders, law-making and economic and monetary policy. Le Pen, who has promised to dump the euro...

EU Insider: France Next to Secede

Worldwide it is happening. People are throwing off the chains of centralization. Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin said: “If you are looking for a country to leave look at France. “In Hungary support for the European Union is at around 65 per cent – in France it is...

Even the French Need Secession

The Associated Press cover how French presidential candiate Marine Le Pen has come out to back the secession of France from the EU following the lead of Great Britain. Following the British precedent, Le Pen promised to hold a nationwide referendum on whether France...
florida secession

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