Worldwide it is happening. People are throwing off the chains of centralization. Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin said:

“If you are looking for a country to leave look at France.

“In Hungary support for the European Union is at around 65 per cent – in France it is around 40, and it is low in Italy as well.

Polls seem to confirm the same.

A recent Edinburgh university poll showed 53 per cent of French want a referendum on EU membership with 33 per cent already set on leaving and 22 per cent undecided.

In the wake of Brexit, Marine Le Pen took to the airwaves and declared that “I would vote for Brexit, even if I think that France has 1,000 more reasons to leave than the UK”.

There is a growing resentment to distant bureaucracies. Let’s show DC it is the same here.

Source: FIRST BREXIT, NOW FREXIT: Brussels insider claims France WILL be next to leave EU | World | News | Daily Express


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