Catalans Make Case for Statehood With Response to Barcelona

From Bloomberg For separatist politicians in Catalonia, acting like an independent state may be a lot easier than becoming one. The authorities in Barcelona grabbed the limelight as the semi-autonomous Spanish region responded to last week’s terror attacks. Setting...

The End of the Nation-State

by Doug Casey Mankind has, so far, gone through three main stages of political organization since Day One, say 200,000 years ago, when anatomically modern men started appearing. We can call them Tribes, Kingdoms, and Nation-States. Karl Marx had a lot of things wrong,...

Basques march in solidarity with Catalonia independence vote

San Sebastian (Spain) (AFP) – Hundreds of Basques turned out on the streets Saturday in support of Catalonia and its planned referendum on independence from Madrid, an ambition long fought for by Basque separatists. The demonstration was symbolic, in a region...
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