California secession organizers open embassy in Moscow

There are a few secession movements in California. One wants to create the 51st State of Jefferson and another wants an independent country which has now opened an emabassy in Moscow. California gained an embassy in Russia last weekend, at least in the eyes of those...

Should California Be Split Up?

The State of Jefferson movement wants to create the 51st state out of northern California, citing total domination of state politics by southern California.


by The Z Man Whenever the word “secession” is uttered, it is assumed that angry, racist honkies from the South are trying to stand athwart history, keeping America from reaching the great beige future imagined by the Founders. After all, the story of America is Yankee...

The Constitutional Case for Secession

Tom makes the constitutional case for secession at the St. Louis University School of Law. Source: Ep. 52 Secede! | Tom...
florida secession

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