EU Hypocrisy Exposed Again in Spanish Crackdown on Catalans

The European Union cockroaches were quick on condemning strong leaderships running after terrorists and drug trafficking, yet mum on the daylight police brutality of the Spanish government against the legitimate exercise of political power by the Catalans. Deafening...

Secession Is Sweeping the World, and We Should Let It

We’re seeing a huge uptick in provinces and territories seeking independence from their parent countries all over the globe. I already wrote about Catalonia— a dramatic situation that is still ongoing — but they are by no means the only ones. And with these attempts...

Spain’s crackdown on Catalan voters spawns new separatists

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — For teacher Elisa Aroca, Sunday was the moment Spain lost the battle for the hearts and minds of 7.5 million people living in the Catalonia region. Aroca intended to defend her Spanish roots and cast a ballot against Catalonia breaking away...
florida secession

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