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Why do some in Catalonia want independence? 

Catalonia is one of Spain’s wealthiest and most industrialized regions. The region has its own language and a distinct culture which leads many Catalans to consider themselves as being from a separate nation to Spain. Independence movements have existed in Catalonia for centuries but Spain’s financial woes in recent years following the 2008 financial crisis have exacerbated support for sovereignty. Many Catalans believe they are paying more to the central government than they are getting back.

Why does the Spanish government want to stop a referendum? 

The central government is vehemently opposed to the independence group with officials describing it as an ‘evil’ threat to Spanish democracy. Catalonia represents 16 per cent of the country’s population and accounts for 19 per cent of its GDP and 25 per cent of its exports. If the region was to vote for independence it would cause difficulties for the economies of both areas. New borders would also immediately impact jobs and business on both sides. An independent Catalonia would not be a member of the European Union which would affect its current trade routes with member states.

The problem with this separatist movement is the same problem you see with most revolutions, there is plenty of demands for new people in charge but little indication it will be a move in the direction of liberty.

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