How New Hampshire is Fighting for Independence

New Hampshire is in an abusive relationship, according to Carla Gericke, the President of Foundation for New Hampshire Independence. The Uncle Sam won’t let New Hampshire leave; he arrests the citizens for victimless crimes, he overrides the legislature for policy and...

NHexit? Libertarians endorse N.H. secession

by James Pindell Live Free or Die . . . or secede? New Hampshire residents have long thought their state motto had just two options, but the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has endorsed a third way. The five-member executive committee met last week and adopted a...

Secession Movements Growing in the US after Brexit

Fortune Magainze reported on the growing secession movements across the US following the Brexit decision in July. It appears as the country becomes more diverse that deeper disagreements on government are polarizing people across the 50 states. “While secession...
florida secession

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