Fortune Magainze reported on the growing secession movements across the US following the Brexit decision in July.

It appears as the country becomes more diverse that deeper disagreements on government are polarizing people across the 50 states.

“While secession movements in the U.S. are minority currents,” adds Sorens, “there’s some evidence they’ve grown slightly in the last few years and they can have an influence on the political conversation even when their objective looks unattainable.”

Secession movements tend to oppose control of the White House. This is an opportunity for FLEXIT and other secession movements as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have high unfavorable ratings. Their unfavorability has prompted many to say they would consider leaving the US if either is elected.

One of the presidential candidates will become president fostering resentment by the opposition. We welcome you to the decentralization movement and FLEXIT.

Source: In Politically Polarized U.S., State Secession Talk Gains Steam

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