Is America Really Coming Apart, As Charles Murray Suggests?

by Jeff Deist [The Daily Caller, June 23, 2017] A new Rasmussen poll reports that a majority of voters think so, and it certainly feels that way. Since Donald Trump’s election in November, the pace and intensity of deeply divisive rhetoric has accelerated. Antifa and...

Democracy, the God That’s Failing

by Jeff Deist When Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe made his famous argument against democracy back in 2001, the notion that voting was a lousy way to organize society was still radical even among many libertarians. Virtually everyone raised in a western country over the...

The Tale of Two Americas

The NY Times has made a map of two Americas based upon the election. This shows the need for decentralization so that individuals have a government they actually want. While two Americas is a nice idea the map shows the need for many more than two. Letting each state...
florida secession

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