The future of the region stands on the edge of a knife as the world waits with baited breath for Puigdemont’s speech this afternoon.There is speculation he will announce a unilateral declaration of independence in his 4pm address.

And Spanish authorities are ready to arrest him if he goes ahead with his demands, according to Bloomberg.

Catalan police have sealed off Barcelona’s parliament from the public “for safety reasons”.

And the city’s mayor urged both Puigdemont and Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy to “de-escalate” the crisis.

Carles PuigdemontGETTYKNIFE-EDGE: Catalonia’s future remains highly uncertain

Expectations are high that Mr Puigdemont will ask parliament to declare independence on the basis of a referendum law it passed last month.It comes after a vote where 90% of the electorate backed a breakaway.

But in a day of shame for Spain, over 800 people were injured as the Madrid government deployed riot police to break up what they called an “illegal vote”.


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