The Second Wave of Secession

Chris Calton continues his Historical Controversies podcast which is an in-depth review of the Civil War. After Lincoln’s call for 75,000 volunteers to suppress the “Southern Rebellion,” the Upper South states reconsidered their decision to remain in the Union. As many people saw Lincoln’s call for troops as a usurpation of Executive authority, four more […]

When the Washington Post was Lectured on Secession

The Mises Institute held a seminar on secession that greatly inspired myself to create this site. Well the Washington Post which has a history of smearing secessionist was in attendance. This did not go unnoticed by Tom Woods who dedicated his speech to the WaPo reporter. Enjoy. Source: Ep. 326 What I Told the Washington […]

Lysander Spooner: Anti-Slavery, Pro-Secession

There is a common smear labeled against secessionists that you must be pro-slavery to be a secessisonist. This is wildly untrue. Tom Woods covers Lysander Spooner who was a dedicated abolitionist and a proponent of secession. Source: Ep. 322 Lysander Spooner: Anti-Slavery, Pro-Secession | Tom Woods

George Nicholas at the Virginia Ratifying Convention

“In like manner, these conditions will be binding on Congress. They can exercise no power that is not expressly granted them.” This makes up some of the foundational principles of nullification. The agreement gets broken over and over without relent. It is time to secede!  

florida secession

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