Catalan Separatists Tap Brakes as Banks Consider Departure 

Separatist leaders in Catalonia are seeking to avoid an immediate declaration of independence from Spain as officials in Madrid and business leaders in Barcelona ratchet up pressure on the nationalist camp. With the movement’s leaders divided on the issue, some on the...

Kurd Independence Vote – Progress Or Danger? 

Kurds in Iraq have overwhelmingly voted for independence, defying nearly every other country in the region and beyond. Is It a good sign that the maps drawn after WWI may be re-drawn to reflect new realities, or is danger and war on the...

Catalan Vote Inspires Brazil’s Southern Separatist Movement

Inspired by the separatist vote in Catalonia, secessionists in three wealthy southern Brazilian states are redoubling their efforts to break away from the crisis-battered nation. Residents of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana states are being called to vote...
florida secession

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