California has seen their #Calexit movement gain steam after the election. If your political views align with the majority of California voters this could be a good thing for you as the writer at VICE notes.

Here is the traction gained post-election.

But two days after the election, leader of the Yes California organization Louis Marinelli tweeted about a spike in interest in his movement, including 12,000 Facebook likes, 10,000 Twitter followers, 9,000 new party volunteers, 18,000 unanswered emails, and 2 million site visits.

Will it actually happen? Too early to tell but the deep divisions amongst the American people on how they want to be governed will give rise to the spirit of independence which will need to be achieved through secession and decentralization.

Read the article here: What Would Actually Happen if California Seceded from the US? | VICE | United States

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