The future looks bright in Texas a young men have voted to secede.

Washington post writes:

Earlier this month, a secession bill won overwhelming support from the mock legislature in Texas Boys State, the American Legion’s summer program where youth leaders create and run their own government, as the Wise County Messenger reported Saturday. The vote, held June 15, marked the first time in the nearly 80 years since the program’s inception in Texas that both chambers of the Texas Boys State legislature voted in favor of seceding from the Union.

Founded by the American Legion in 1935, Boys State operates in nearly every U.S. state and had its first meeting in Texas in 1940. Male high schoolers are nominated to participate in the typically week-long program, in which they elect leaders, debate legislation and hold mock trials. A Girls State program exists for young women.

…Borrowing language from the Declaration of Independence and the very real Texas secessionist movement that exists in the United States, the bill said that it was the right of Texans, “nay their obligation, to break the chains and throw down the regulations that bind them.”

Per a tweet from one of the attendees, the bill continued: “It is the common belief of this Congress and its constituents that our Republic stands to lose in its relationship with the United States… Texas and her peoples formally recognize and thank our neighbor the United States for her grace and mercy upon our Republic in her time of need. However, we cannot in good conscience continue this tie with our former Mother country. For God and Country, The Republic of Texas hereby Declares her Independence.”

Look at how they reacted when the bill passed overwhelmingly.



Source: In a first, Texas Boys State votes to secede from Union – The Washington Post

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