Swexit could be next!

Sweden Democrat MEP Peter Lundgren earlier this week likened Article 50 being triggered to ‘D-Day’, and he now predicts a similar referendum will soon be held in his homeland.
As the letter signalling Britain’s intention to leave the EU was handed over on Wednesday, Mr Lundgren said: ‘The British people have shown the rest of Europe it’s possible to leave. At last we have a breath of fresh air.’

And the right-wing politician said his anti-Europe party is growing in popularity all the time, stating it currently has a 27 per cent share of the vote.

He told The Express that Swedish voters are uneasy with the direction that the EU is taking, with a YouGov poll showing that 39 per cent favour leaving.

Mr Lundgren said: ‘That’s why I believe that we will be the biggest party in the next year’s election in Sweden and we will also push the demand for having a renegotiation of the trade agreements with the European Union, for the membership.

‘And we will also put it up to a referendum where people will have their say and then I’m hopeful that we also can follow Britain’s example.’

Source: Swedish MEP says his homeland could be next to leave EU  | Daily Mail Online

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