A man with body paint in the colours of the national flag participates in a street parade to celebrate the 24th self-declared independence day for the breakaway Somaliland nation from Somalia in capital HargeysaSecession has been in the news in Africa as over a million are calling for secession right now.

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo recently claimed that more than one million citizens, out of the country’s population of 3.4 million, had signed a petition calling for the international community to recognise Somaliland.

This isn’t the first talk of secession either.

The issue has come up again in recent times. In northeast Africa two states have experienced separation. In 1993 Eritrea was recognised as a separate state from Ethiopia, and the world’s newest state, South Sudan, was recognised in 2011.

These countries all have their issues, as does the countries they broke away from. Secession is not the magical answer to solving all problems. It will solve the problem of DC but Tallahassee must not become DC. We need the rule of law based on the protection of property rights. Not the millions of pages of code and legalese DC has buried the real America in.

Source: Somaliland wants to secede – here’s why caution is necessary

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