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What is going on in Spain is the blueprint what what other governments will do.

The Spanish people themselves outside of Catalonia are deeply divided.

Many see the Catalan vote as offensive and yet others see the government as offensive.

When they finished singing Manolo Escobar in Madrid earlier, the first cry was “Long live Catalonia!”.@Bribon1970

The real issue is that people band together, creating society and civilization, and then government abuses its power and the process of decline begins. This is throughout history and it really does not matter what culture or country. It is all the same.

Spain’s Constitutional Court, the puppet of Rajoy, on Thursday ordered the suspension of Monday’s session of the regional Catalan parliament. Rajoy is demonstrating that government will not tolerate losing power.

You can always write a law and claim it is unconstitutional to separate. That does not make it legal, moral, or ethical.

Reuters reported:

“The suspension order further aggravated one of the biggest crises to hit Spain since the establishment of democracy on the 1975 death of General Francisco Franco.


But Spanish markets rose on perceptions the order might ward off, at least for now, an outright independence declaration.”

The structure of the EU in attempting to federalize Europe required a single federal debt. That is what they failed to do so you ended up with a half-baked cake.

This is why we have the problems in Europe as we do. But make no mistake about it, this is a political problem and what happens in Europe will be a contagion as it was in 1931.

This will eventually cause major problems politically in the States as well.

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