A Libertarian Perspective on Separatist Movements

by Robert Wenzel With separatist movements in the northern Iraq region of the Kurds, and in Catalonia, grabbing headlines, it is an appropriate time to think about such movements. Murray Rothbard once wrote: There runs through For a New Liberty (and most of the rest...

Madrid vows to stop Catalan independence declaration

You must be determined to exercise self-determination. Madrid (AFP) – Spain will do “everything within the law” to prevent Catalonia from declaring independence, Justice Minister Rafael Catala said Monday, a day after Catalonia’s regional...

Yes side wins Catalonia independence vote marred by chaos

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Catalonia’s regional government declared a landslide win for the “yes” side in a disputed referendum on independence from Spain that degenerated into ugly scenes of mayhem on Sunday, with more than 800 people injured as riot police attacked...
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