Nigel Farage: “This Is The Clearest Proof Yet That The Great Brexit Betrayal Is Under Way” 

Secession doesn’t come easy. Authored by Nigel Farage, originally published in the Telegraph Theresa May is now the EU’s Stepford Wife: subservient and submissive to their every whim So there we have it. Theresa May does not believe in Brexit. In an interview with Iain Dale on LBC, she completely collapsed, proving incapable of answering the question of […]

Spain Turns Screws on Catalonia With Threat of Direct Control

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stepped up pressure on Catalonia to halt its drive for independence, taking the first step in a process that could strip the region’s separatist government of its limited autonomy and impose direct control from Madrid. Rajoy, speaking after an emergency session of his ministerial team on Wednesday, said the cabinet had […]

Catalonia independence: Spain ‘ready to arrest Carles Puigdemont’ as declaration looms

The future of the region stands on the edge of a knife as the world waits with baited breath for Puigdemont’s speech this afternoon.There is speculation he will announce a unilateral declaration of independence in his 4pm address. And Spanish authorities are ready to arrest him if he goes ahead with his demands, according to […]

Martin Armstrong Warns “Spain Is The Blueprint For How All Governments Will Act” 

Authored by Martin Armstrong via, What is going on in Spain is the blueprint what what other governments will do. The Spanish people themselves outside of Catalonia are deeply divided. Many see the Catalan vote as offensive and yet others see the government as offensive.  Follow The Spain Report @thespainreport When they finished singing Manolo […]

“A Civil War Is Coming” – EU Commissioner Urges Madrid & Barcelona To Talk 

The EU’s budget commissioner has warned of the risk of “civil war” in Catalonia, as fears grew over a looming independence declaration and major banks prepared to relocate their headquarters. With just 48 hours until Catalonia’s Parliament meets, defying Madrid, to debate secession, Gunther Oettinger, the Germany EU commissioner urged dialogue… “The position is very, […]

Spanish PM Pulls a Lincoln on Catalan Secession

by Tom Mullen In the wake of Catalonia’s referendum on independence, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy continued to argue, as he had in the weeks leading up to the vote, that any attempt by Catalans to become an independent state violates “the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all […]

Spain’s PM says may use constitution to block Catalan independence

MADRID/BARCELONA (Reuters) – Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Saturday he would not rule out using the constitutional powers to remove Catalonia’s autonomous status if it claimed independence as tens of thousands took to the streets to call for talks. The wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia, with its own language and culture, held a […]

Spanish leader Rajoy mulls suspending Catalonia autonomy

From CNN: Barcelona, Spain (CNN)Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will consider taking the dramatic measure of suspending Catalonia’s autonomous status, as the region’s leaders escalate threats to declare independence from the country. Spanish politics has been plunged into disarray since Catalonia held an independence referendum a week ago. Catalan leaders say the people voted overwhelmingly to […]

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