High-profile Spain trial stokes Catalan independence fervour

From Yahoo News: Madrid (AFP) – Separatists in Catalonia plan to come out in force Monday when the Spanish region’s former leader, Artur Mas, stands trial over a non-binding independence referendum he held, further straining ties with Madrid. Supporters of independence for the wealthy, northeastern region say they hope to draw at least 30,000 protestors […]

California campaign to secede gains momentum

The AFP reports: California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the green light on Thursday for proponents of “California Nationhood” — also known as Calexit — to start collecting the nearly 600,000 signatures needed for the measure to qualify on the November 2018 ballot. The 585,407 signatures required by July 25 represent eight percent of […]

Theresa May Has Won a Historic House of Commons Mandate to Officially Start Brexit

From EconomicPolicyJournal: British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a historic House of Commons mandate to start Britain’s separation from the EU. May is on course to start a two-year Brexit process next month after MPs voted by 498 to 114, for the bill that gives her the power to invoke the EU treaty’s Article […]

florida secession

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