The Case for Secession and Decentralization

by Bionic Mosquito Last April, violence erupted in a place known as Nagorno-Karabakh.  If this doesn’t sound familiar, how about Armenia and Azerbaijan?  No?  Perhaps the furthest southwest corner of the former Soviet Union, just east of Eastern Turkey?  OK, try this: the other side of the world? When hearing of this outbreak of violence […]

Nexit: A Call for New York City to Secede from the Union

By John Strausbaugh Dear Mayor de Blasio: In your public address on November 21, you referred to the fear and dismay New Yorkers are feeling since Donald Trump’s election. You vowed to resist any federal policies that violate New Yorkers’ rights, interests, or values. You called this “a moment when New York City needs to […]

NHexit? Libertarians endorse N.H. secession

by James Pindell Live Free or Die . . . or secede? New Hampshire residents have long thought their state motto had just two options, but the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has endorsed a third way. The five-member executive committee met last week and adopted a resolution calling for New Hampshire to secede. “Recognizing […]

florida secession

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