6 Reasons Brexit May Trhive Outside the EU

The Telegraph reports that Britain may indeed thrive after seceding from the EU. Roger Bootle gives six reasons that Britain can prosper after leaving the EU. He concludes with Our politicians and officials need to gird themselves to the task of re-establishing British sovereignty, confident that in the long run this will bring us not […]

Huge Rally for Secession

The AP reports that there wsa a massive rally for support of Catalan secession from Spain. Hundreds of thousands of separatist-minded Catalans rallied in Barcelona on Sunday to show their support for breaking away from Spain, leaving the country without its powerful and prosperous northeastern region. Barcelona police estimated on their Twitter account that about […]

Secession Alive and Well in Africa

Secession has been in the news in Africa as over a million are calling for secession right now. Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo recently claimed that more than one million citizens, out of the country’s population of 3.4 million, had signed a petition calling for the international community to recognise Somaliland. This isn’t the first […]

Tide Turning Against Globalization

Wow. We launch our websitte and Financial Times publishes an article saying that the globalists are losing.  No, we were not a subject of the article but it is still great to see the decentralization movements pushing back against globalism. Globalisation has reached a plateau and, in some areas, is in reverse. The article is […]

We Need Secession and Nullification

by Thomas DiLorenzo In his new book Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed, Clyde Wilson pinpoints the folly and futility of “presidential politics” – of hoping against hope that some Great Savior will somehow restore American liberty.  Only those who are almost completely ignorant of American history could be fooled by such a farce.  Unfortunately, […]

florida secession

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